After update: No SD card, no SIM card

What phone do you have? Moto G4

What plan are you on? My Choice + 3GB

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text? Data (3GB)

Issue Description

2-3 days ago I completed the new update for my Moto G4 phone. Following the update, I found that my phone was showing the error message that I did not have a SD card installed, even though it had not been removed. This led to many of my apps being deleted due to not enough storage. I had experienced this issue before after an update, so went I through some of the same problem solving techniques and was able to make this error message go away.

However, once I fixed this problem I started to have issues with my phone number and SIM card. The number that others see when I call or text them is not my actual phone number. To them, it looks like I am calling or texting from a phone with a 331 area code. However, when others call my original phone number it still goes through to my phone. Today I have started to receive text messages from my personal phone number that tell me, “You received a new message from (phone number). To access this message please install and open the Republic Wireless app”. I already have the Republic Wireless app downloaded on my phone. When I click to open the Republic app, a screen pops up that says I have a supported phone but my Republic Wireless SIM is not inserted. It tells me if I don’t have one, I can order one. However, my SIM card is already in my phone. I have tried to take the SIM card out and reinstall it while the phone is off, but it has not made any changes.

Hi @erikan.rxn8wz,

Please follow the steps in this help document and let us know if they clear things up:

Thank you! This fixed the issues.

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