Again ... home with active wireless, BUT Moto G 5 says "no cell access, activate Republic"

What phone do you have? Mogo G 5

What plan are you on? talk & text $23/mo

*Does your plan include data, or just talk & text? includes data

Issue Description

Last night, suddenly no text nor calls, in or out. Screen sys 'cell service not available, activate republic. Clicked ‘activate’ several times. Turned on/off.

This happened a week or three ago … spent hours, suddenly a message came saying ‘restart’, and phone worked until (again) today - Going into surgery and other urgent issues, NEED PHONE TO B RELIABLE. Live in mountains … PLEASE STABILIZE THIS PHONE.

11 a.m … turned on/off again … phone yellow Republic message: “to activate phone, restart.” I DID AGAIN! and now i have call/text access. I appreciate this very much BUT still wonder WHAT IS GOING ON, how can i avoid being blocked from my home wireless, when laptop email/web works well?

I’m facing surgery and post op issues and may need good phone access?


Usually this is an indication that the Republic host servers have lost track of you, both via Cell and your WiFi.

Once this is all gathered a better reccomendation can be given, so don’t hesitate to holler if you need help on any step

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Hi @SusanSunflower
Are you still having the problem?
If you fixed it by yourself, let us know so that the fix can be shared

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