AirBnB will not accept my phone number

AirBnB will not accept my phone number, therefore I am unable to book rentals.

Unfortunately AirBnB has made a decision not to accept numbers that utilize VoIP technology. Because of this, they refuse Republic numbers. At this time, I am unaware of a workaround.

I contacted AirBnB support on Twitter. I was able to verify my account with my driver’s license.

My wife’s account works with an RW phone number, but it was set up a while ago.


I’ve encountered this same problem activating my US Bank mobile app, as well as setting up a customer account with Lowe’s. In both cases, I was denied due to entering an “Invalid phone number”. I was told that RW and US Bank were in communication about their mobile app issue. No clue about Lowe’s or anyone else who will not validate a VOIP number. This would be enough to switch providers if it keeps happening.

I think I just found out what’s wrong with my PayPal account… I set it up a long time ago, didn’t use it… tried to get back in and was refused.

Pretty sure this may be why.

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