Airplane mode during calls?


Airplane mode turns on partway through phone calls, which then disconnects the call. I am using a Moto G 4th Gen Plus phone.

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My wife is also having this issue on her Moto G 3rd gen. Any help appreciated.


I found this article after Googling your issue: Moto G: 20 Common Problems, and How to Fix Them | Page 4 | Digital Trends

Bug: Loss of signal

A lot of Moto G owners have experienced a problem with loss of signal. The cell signal seems to drop randomly, sometimes the connection to the SIM card dies, and users can get messages related to airplane mode being on, even though they never turned it on. While the signal is lost they can’t connect to the network or make calls.


  • Hold down the Power button to turn the Moto G off and then on again. The problem should be temporarily resolved.

  • Sometimes switching Airplane mode on and then off again is enough to resolve it, but the problem can return randomly.
    Potential solutions:

  • There’s no indication that a factory reset or any of the other potential fixes has had any permanent success, but if you have a Moto 4 (4th Gen), consider updating to Android 7.0 (Nougat). You should get it over the air, but you can always check in Settings > About phone > System updates.

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