Alarm Icon Will Not Disappear


The alarm clock icon at the top of my screen will not disappear. I do not have any alarms set in the clock app. I have a Moto X. Has anyone else had this issue?



Long-press on it and slide it up to the trash can.


I have this clock also, on the upper RIGHT next to the LTE icon. I can’t long click it.

If I set an alarm, the clock icon appear on the upper LEFT of the screen, so that is not the issue.


@adamw.oo0rty ,@tripod137

Interesting. It would be helpful to know a little more information such as…

Which phone(s) are we discussing?.

Is this a recent problem?

A screenshot would be great as well.


edit: I see now upon rereading one phone is the Moto X.


I found the problem. One of my apps updated and started showing the clock icon.


Had a feeling it must be an app displaying something. Out of curiosity, what is it?,