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How can I reset the color scheme of the alarms page? It used to be blue with active alarms showing a red button and now the background is black with grey/white buttons. I’d like to get my old color scheme back. New Moto G5+

The default app doesn’t have any color settings…you can try another alarm clock app if that suits you better


My screen was blue until yesterday when I somehow accidentally made it a black background.
I want my blue alarm screen back.

A recent update to clock app changed the color scheme. If you prefer the old color scheme you can revert the app back to the original version.

Go to Settings -> Apps -> Clock -> 3 vertical dots -> uninstall updates

That will revert you back to blue background.

ETA: This also deletes your saved alarms so you will need to set them up again

Also, make sure you don’t have automatic updates selected in the Google Play Store
otherwise, the clock app will again update back to the black background.

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That worked - thanks. I understand updates may override again.

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You’re welcome. I wish there were a way to roll back to the previous app version.
I had a similar issue with a version of the keyboard app and lived with the factory default one for several months because I didn’t like the layout of keys. Luckily they restored my preferred layout after a couple of versions.

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