Alcatel A30 Software Update

My Alcatel A30 (Amazon Prime edition) received an Android update with May security updates. It’s now on build J6CU6C1. Everything is working fine. Just wanted to point it out for those who may have questions when they see the “update available” notification.


Yup…mine got it too! Seems to be working fine after the update :+1:

Thank you! If you have thoughts about the A30, I would love to see a post in #reviews. No pressure, but I think other customers would appreciate it.

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I may do this at some point, but how do you post in #reviews? I don’t seem to be able to post there. “+ New Topic” is greyed out when I make an attempt in #reviews.

Refresh and try it now.

Yep. Works now.

Doesn’t work for me…is this on a per user basis? I won’t get around to it until the weekend.

It is only open to Customers. For some of you I needed to add you. Especially if you were in early.

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It’s working now…thank you! :+1:

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