Alexa issues on phones


What phone do you have? moto x4
What plan are you on? 3.0
Does your plan include data, or just talk & text? yes

Issue Description

Alexa seems to be very flakey. I have retrained many times. I can watch a YouTube video and have had her engage 20 times in 20 minutes. In the car, navigation on, listening to the music and constantly having to swipe her away to view the map again.

I have heard of people having her order stuff from just background noise.

The word “Alexa” never once gets said.

I finally had to disable her. I hope whoever has control over that area put months into fixing Alexa because she has some major issues. No big loss really.

It’s not a Republic wireless issue, but just be aware, don’t count on Alexa being of use.

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From my experience Alexa still has a long ways to go before being anywhere near as competent as Google’s solution. I was surprised Motorola went for Alexa on the X4 and was actually one of the biggest turnoffs for the phone in my opinion.



For me, it was an added bonus I can live without. I love the x4. I have an x2 I may sell if I can get a new battery in it.

I still have Google and moto assist (which has a flaw that needs work).

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I believe Alexa was clever sell to the public of useless piece of junk. Some people like that they can have Alexa play their favorite song on command. So what. How much effort does it take to turn on Pandora. lol

I believe the idea of such devices in people’s minds was far grander than the reality it presents. But, apparently the timing was right and the marketing was good, and it made Bezos a lot of money. Good for him.



Marketing yes, practicality, it’s junk.


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