All attempted calls to any number in Jamaica (876 prefix) ring busy


What phone do you have? Moto X 2nd Gen

What plan are you on? Plan is orig $15 one, not sure of name.

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text?

Issue Description

I'm dialing "1", the 3 digit prefix "876" and the 7 digit number. All attempts at any number (different properties, etc) ring busy. Might this happen while I'm there as well calling over Wi-Fi to local numbers and/or back to US? Suggestions to rectify?


Republic does not offer International calling.


As Jamaica is not in the US or Canada it would be considered international even though it has the same 10 phone number structure


I thought I read as long as you were dialing via wi-fi, you could place calls? So not the case while I’m there over wi-fi either?


Republic can call via open WiFi any us or Canada base numbers but can not call international numbers like Jamaican numbers


If I switch temporarily to the Wi-Fi only plan (see I now have Base Plan), will I still be able to use Call With Us while on Wi-Fi there…and to call back to the states ?


Yes assuming the WiFi your using is open [not blocking VOIP calling]


Thank you so much.


Thanks drm186. So will CallWithUs allow me to make local calls and calls back to US while there? Does it allow me to make calls from the US to phones there before I leave?


Callwithus will allow local calls for a price while calls back to the US can be done on WiFi via republic will out added cost


Gotcha. But will I be able to use my phone (w/CallWithMe) before I leave to contact numbers in Jamaica?


Yes you can once it set up


You are awesome! Thanks again.


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