All calls going to voicemail

i may have set to do not disturb or i may have changed a setting in the phone app i dont understand this thing, moto e4 can i reset this thing to the factory settings. what do i lose if reset? i did have i think my phone app set to override do not disturb but calls are still going to voicemail.

  • Perhaps you have lost both cellular & WiFi connectivity?
    • Do a 1 finger swipe down from the top and let us know what the Republic Notification shows … Arc (open or Solid), Color and actual verbiage are important.

when i dial out i get a busy signal its been happening for a few days i did’nt notice it was a problem i usually text which is working as is. the phone updated last week ’ the version is3.28.4.0

  • I don’t recognize a condition that matches your description … perhaps you could post a screenshot?
  • What version of the Republic App are you currently using?

sorry if im posting too much i sent a reply from from my phone but it was kicked back because of two email addresses, and then i thought i had replied again.anyways the phones version is and i was updated last week which may be the cause of the problem . i usually text and the few calls i made were all busy but now all my outgoing calls are busy and incoming calls go to voicemail.

i did a factory reset i think things are working now. thanks

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