ALL calls transfer to a Company called "Claro"

What phone do you have? galaxy J3

What plan are you on? 2GB

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text?
Everything, data included

Issue Description

Whenever someone tries to call me they get a busy signal. When I try to make any call out it automatically goes to a company called claro. Company is a Puerto Rico based cell phone company. I actually followed their prompts to speak with someone and they said that I am not the only one. A lot of Republic customers are being transferred to them with their calls. I open a ticket and I don’t hear anything back. And I do not see any alerts saying there is a problem. Any thoughts?

For possible cause and explanation see this discussion, with the update by @southpaw which has been marked a ‘solution’


Hi @hollyg.wwkvuu and welcome to the Community!

Generally this odd on the surface circumstance is the result of a billing issue (most often an expired credit or debit card). If you sign into your Republic account here: Do you see a banner at the top of the page indicating a billing issue?

As you’ve posted your inquiry to Republic’s Community (a publicly visible Internet forum), please know your fellow customers assisting here cannot see this information and please don’t share any specifics with us.

If you do see evidence of a payment issue, please see if this helps:


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