All data used up in 7 days


On our plan we have 1 GB of data. The cycle started about a week ago. Today my husband’s phone showed he was out of data. We looked under his cell data and it said that the Motorola notifications used 940.1 MB. How did this happen?


He probably didn’t have wifi on when downloading the big Oreo update recently?


He always has his wifi on so I don’t think that’s the case.


There have been instances where an operating system update has started downloading on Wi-Fi, and then the user leaves Wi-Fi range and the download continues on cellular. It doesn’t happen often, but it does happen.


Hi @saraw.jwi8jp,

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I’ve gone ahead and added 1 GB of data as a courtesy to your husband’s line. (I hope you don’t mind.) Let’s watch it a few days and see if the issue repeats. If “Motorola notifications” continues to consume huge amounts of data, we’ll need to look into what might be going on.


Great! Thank you so much! Also, he had a message to pop up asking about Data Saver. Should that be on or off? Thanks again!


We recommend you keep data saver turned off - because it will restrict data that our app needs in order to process call, texts, and other functions.

If you want to restrict cellular data use, there’s a “Data Freeze” option in the Republic app. Here’s some additional info:


I’m having the same issue! Just today, the 2nd day of my month, and just about all my data is used after the lastest update!!! What an I going to do for the rest of the month? Should I not have updated my phone?


Hi @amym.1bjlr4

Sorry to hear about your data usage as well. We’re fellow users here in the community and can try to help you find the root cause and offer a few suggestions.

If you look in your Republic Wireless app and look into the cellular data usage, what does it say for where your data was going?

When you updated the phone, were you connected on wifi at the time or did you hit the download button by accident while you were out and about? For an update to the phone, there also may have been a prompt asking if you want to only download wifi only. Did that show up for you?


Was there a Republic app update recently ? My Moto x4 used up the rest of the data in a few hours connected to WiFi. What phone are you using?

Didn’t affect our other line so I’m wondering if it’s the phone or the app or the combo of the two?