All dialed calls going to Republic Wireless

What phone do you have?

What plan are you on?

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text?

This happened previously with my old phone. I now have a new moto g power which up until now has been fine. No matter what number I try to dial I get Republic Wireless message: Thank you for calling Republic Wireless etc. etc. even though the contact name and number are correct for the call I want to make. Previously, I was told ‘maybe your bill isn’t paid’ but I pay by the year and am fully paid up for many months to come. I live in a very remote area and this is my lifeline. Please help., Yes, I have tried shutting my phone off and restarting, no help there.
Thank you,
Judy S.

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Hi @judiths.0xrstw ,

Do you have access to WiFi? If so, please try refreshing the Republic Activation: How to Refresh the Republic Wireless Activation – Republic Help

If that doesn’t solve it, I think we’re going to need you to open a Help Ticket for technical assistance.


It worked!!! Thank you for your help!
Judy S.

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OK, me again. New day and new problem. My phone has once again reverted back to calling Republic Wireless with any outgoing calls I have been attempting to make, despite using that refresh Republic Wireless Activation. As I mentioned previously, my bill has been paid for a year so that isn’t an issue. While this worked yesterday, it’s not working today. Can you suggest anything else?
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Hi @judiths.0xrstw,

Yes, as I mentioned yesterday, if the issue persists, I’d very much like you to open a ticket so our technicians can troubleshoot with you. They have access to your account info as well as back-end provisioning information with our network partners, that our Member Community doesn’t have access to. So once an issue seems to defy changes we can make directly on our phones, it’s time to have the Republic Wireless Help Team dig into what may be causing it.

Would you like me to open that ticket for you?

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Finally, after trying several times throughout the day, I did manage to make a call and have it go through. However, I am worried that this may continue. Can we open a ticket anyway to see if they turn up something that is an issue and may cause me problems in the future? If that’s possible, I would appreciate your doing so.
Thank you for your response,

I can open a ticket for you, and I’ll go ahead and do so now, but unless you’re still having the issue, I don’t think they’ll be able to find the problem.

Did you happen to notice if the one call that went through was to another Republic number?

No, I called my husband who has a track phone through T-Mobile. Went straight to voicemail, which I knew it would as he only uses it for emergencies so it wasn’t turned on. But, at least it didn’t show his contact info and actually go to Republic Wireless.

Thanks. I’ve opened that ticket for you and you should seen an e-mail from me through our Help Center instead of our Community, asking for some details (phone numbers and times of calls) that I wouldn’t want you to share here, publicly in Community.

(Even when you’re replying by e-mail, the conversation is taking place publicly in the topic you began at

Once you reply to the Help Ticket, our Help Team will take it from there.

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