All Moto phones are made overseas

All Motorola phones are china owned. Motorola is a China company. Motorola is made in the USA, You may think you have a USA phone.

I’m not sure exactly what point you’re trying to get across here, but it has been quite a few years that Motorola has been owned by Lenovo, a Chinese company. There really isn’t such thing as a US made phone. Even Apple, likes to advertise designed in the US, but it’s phones are made in China. Samsung designs its phones in South Korea, and some are made there, others are made in China, others are still made in Singapore. The global nature of electronics has led to much of the labor, specifically assembly, being done in overseas markets. While Apple may design the phone and even the chips, they tend to be made in places like Taiwan, China, et cetera.


In a bit of political irony, many of the contract manufacturers used by Apple, Samsung, etc. are headquartered in Taiwan but their manufacturing facilities are in mainland China. This despite the respective governments each claiming to be the sole legitimate government of all of China.

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I do not want a phone owned by china. Iphone is not a owned by china company. Time to unload my Moto 7. I want to avoid a communist country as much as i can when buying.

That is certainly your prerogative. Samsung though not an American owned company is also not a Chinese owned company. Samsung is headquartered in South Korea. Likewise, Google (maker of Pixels) is not a Chinese owned company and is an American owned company. Republic supports many models of Samsung phones and all of Google’s Pixels.

On the other hand, there is no getting around that all of these companies including Apple (American owned or not), manufacture their phones in mainland China. Among the reasons they do so is most Americans aren’t willing to pay what it would cost to manufacture them in the U.S.

Samsung is probably the most diversified manufacturer. Unlike Apple and Google (whose phones are, to the best of my knowledge, exclusively manufactured in mainland China), Samsung manufactures some phones in mainland China but as previously mentioned by @louisdi Singapore and also Vietnam. The latter is, of course, considered by some to be a communist country though it refers to itself as the Socialist Republic of Vietnam.

If sourcing a phone from a company that is not Chinese owned is sufficient, that’s relatively easy to do. If one wishes to avoid purchasing a phone manufactured in China, that’s possible but not particularly easy to do.

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Motorola tried this with the original Moto X (assembled in Texas). It didn’t work out for them. The Pixel phones are manufactured in China, but production may move to Vietnam.


Your post is simply off topic. What does any of this have to do with the Republic Wireless phone service? As for phones, there is not a single consumer cell phone available that is made in the US, much less with US manufactured components. If you’d like to start your own company and manufacture one, more power to you. In the meantime, if you are having problems with your Moto G7, the community would be glad to help you out if you’ll explain the problem.


You’re free to change phone or service if not satisfied.


Nokia phones hasn’t been Finnish since 2013 when Microsoft bought the company. Then in mid-2016 they sold the business to Taiwanese company HMD. HMD is a division of Foxxconn and they manufacture handsets largely in Taiwan, China, and Vietnam.

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Interestingly enough I’m still holding onto my made in the USA Moto X and likely will until it either dies or a made in the USA phone once again becomes a reality. I’m not saying anything against phones made elsewhere, but I like to support local products and would pay more for a local option. Love my 1st gen Moto X… a phone that has lasted 7 years and is still going strong.

I would just note that the 1st and 2nd gen Moto Xs are CDMA phones for voice and those towers are going to be shut down most likely by the end of next year (or end of 2022 at latest) and at that point the phone will not work as a phone

I will also note the Moto X was only assembled here every component within it was built overseas (the infrastructure to build all those components has not been in the USA for almost 20 years now (it would take 5-10 to bring that back and that only going to happen with a government mandate )

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