All of a sudden, 'This SIM is Disabled' 'Cellular Network Not Available for Voicecalls'

Moto G7 Play. Basic Data, Talk and Text. Working OK until just now. I finally got a good Wi-Fi connection the phone (just now) is refusing to use.

‘This SIM Disabled’??
Getting tired of these stupid glitches every few weeks. I just can’t rely on my phone.
Please help.
PS - SIM status page: No Service/Unknown/Disconnected/Out Of Service/
0/Unknown/Unknown/Not Roaming

This just happened out of the blue. I can’t make or receive calls!??1

Hi @davidh.66j1ud,

I’m sorry to see your phone is experiencing some sort of issue with connectivity.

Please give the numbered steps in this Help Article a try and let us know if they help:

Thanks for trying to help, but I can’t even go through the repair steps - when I look for type of SIM card, phone info and SIM info say just ‘unknown’. So I can’t even tell whether it’s GSM or CDMA.

My acount is fully paid up.

The Republic app front page just asks do I want to install a SIM card!

Did the SIM card just up and die, or what?

I’m going to try rebooting the phone and reseating the SIM card…

OK, I rebooted the phone (should have thought of that first) and it came back up, as if I’d just put a new SIM card in.

Working again now.

Thanks for your help.

Any idea what could have caused it to go out?

Hi @davidh.66j1ud,

Rebooting is a great first step for any issue you might face.

While it’s working, you might want to make a note whether it’s GSM or CDMA.

From what I could see in our account management tool, nothing was wrong with the provisioning of the SIM card, it was still active on the cellular network. I think the phone just was briefly failing to read the SIM card.

Yes, I should have tried reboot first, I know.

Glad it was that simple.

Thanks again!

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