All recent calls and voicemails disappeared

I just noticed that all of my recent call history and voicemails are gone. I didn’t delete them. I tried calling my voicemail to see if they were still there, but they are gone. How did this happen? Is there anyway to get them back?

  • Is your call and message history still available in your Republic Account?
    • This would give a bit more info to possibly help narrow the problem down
  • Additionally which phone and have you tried booting it up in Safe Mode on the off chance that a recently updated 3rd party app could be a contributing factor

I have a moto g7 play. Yes, my call and message history is in my acct. It’s the voicemails I’m the most concerned about losing. I booted my phone in safe mode, and still none of it is there.

I would suggest that you Open a Ticket with Republic Help and see if they possibly can help you

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I would recommend that you create a ticket with Republic Help and see if they possibly can help you. Good luck!

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