"Allow Contacts to send and View SMS messages"?


Just received a new Moto E4. So far I love it, but when I click on a contact to call or text, I get a series of three pop-up message that states: “Allow Contacts to Access this devices location” - ALLOW / DENY,
“Allow Contacts to Access Calendar” - ALLOW / DENY,
“Allow Contacts to Send and View SMS Messages” - ALLOW / DENY,
I always choose Deny!, Although I don’t understand why these questions are asked?
There is an option to “Remember this answer” for each question, so that the question doesn’t keep reappearing.
Two questions:
Why does the E4 ask me these questions?
Why would anyone want their contacts to be able to send and view their SMS messages?


If you always choose Deny, you’re going to keep getting asked. The contacts apps needs these permissions in order to work properly. Otherwise, each time you try to use it, it will keep asking.


Just to add… It’s not so people in your contacts list can view your messages. Rather, it’s so the Contacts APP can interact with the messaging app.


Thanks Andreas! “Contacts APP” makes more sense.
Can anyone explain why I should allow my Contacts APP to “Send and View” SMS Messages? The texts I send seem to be working just fine without any “help” from the Contacts App?


It allows you to initiate an SMS from the Contacts app.


Thanks Loulsdl!
Is this different from what i currently do, without having allowed this service? I currently go to PHONE - Contacts-tap Text. and write and send my text?
Is my Contacts App something I don’t use, but rather an app that allows other individuals on my contact list to place on their phones to monitor and use my text activity?


None of these permissions give anyone the ability to do or monitor anything on your phone. They refer only to the app called “contacts” on your phone.


Thanks Loulsdl!
I understand what you are saying, and I agree with you.
What I don’t understand is what benefit is it to me to “Allow” these permissions to the Contacts app? My texts go out just fine without it!


the Contact app (used to be the People app) is the database app that stores your contact phone numbers(mobile, home, etc…) address’s (both street and email) among other information. on android Phones it usually links up with the Google Account Contacts found here https://contacts.google.com/

the Phone app (as known as the Dialer App) access the contact app to look up your contacts number, this app will also link to your default SMS app (Android Messages, Republic anywhere, or other 3rd party app)

your Texting app (Android Messages, Republic anywhere, or other 3rd party app) also access you contact to look up numbers of your contacts and can access the Phone app to start a call from a an active text thread

the contact app wants this so it can help you find a street address in the contacts (it doesn’t really need this but it can save a few seconds when opening the map for directions)

this allows the contact to make an anniversary, birthday, or other dated event on you calendar (all this data may be included in the contacts information field)

this allows you to start a message from the the contact list (it may work with out this but not as smooth in the background task)

in short the Contact app expects these to be allowed and will keep asking till it gets these permissions


Thanks drm186!
Great explanation! Case closed! Thanks again.


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