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I have a moto 5gs. Got a new vehicle and linked the phone to the Ford sync. But sync cannot download my contacts, so I believe that somehow I have that part of the phone locked?
How might I unlock to complete the sync to the vehicle?
Thanks in advance Todd

Have you tried double checking the owner’s manual on the Ford for their sync instructions or google your car and the process?


Thank you for the quick response. The phone is linked, but the phone is not allowing the transfer of contact or text information for hands free voice calling or viewing of text on the car screen. My wifes 4g fully down loaded everything. Which is why I think I have something on my phone that is locked?

How to transfer your phonebook to SYNC
Hope this helps

Thank you will give it a try in the next few days.

The instructions do the same thing, get the message need permission to download contacts

Hi @toddl.67uhcl

Try going to your phones settings, then apps, look for the Ford app and go into it’s permissions. Check if the contacts permissions have been turned off. (It might want other permissions you might want to grant as well. )

I am threre location, storage, phone are on, camera is off. There is no contact shown to give permission.
How to get contacts to this screen?

You can’t make it show up. This is the list of permissions the app is requesting. If contacts are not one of them, then the app is not asking the phone for them. I was hoping it was in the list and unchecked. Dang it.
If the info @bocephous provided you confirms you have the correct Ford model and instructions and the app on your phone is not asking for contact permissions… I’m stumped.

I do believe tho that this is more of a Ford (and their app) question and not a Republic phone question.
This link to their SYNC & Technology page that might be a better place to start.
They also have Phone and Chat support


Hi @toddl.67uhcl,

Let’s start at the beginning and see if we can walk through this with you to better understand it.

First, would you mind telling us what car you have and what year? Let’s make sure we’re following along on the right set of instructions.

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