Ally Bank Security Code Delivery

My problem was the sudden non-delivery of security codes from Ally to the SMS I use which is Signal. I spent at least a couple of hours on the phone over two days with some very hard workers at Ally. The only way I can receive security codes now from Ally is to my email. I found the reason here at Republic.

Banks have lobbied a government standards department to stop sending security codes by SMS. Apparently, some banks are not telling their customer service agents or their support techs about the new policy.

I can receive Ally’s codes by my email only. Though other methods of receipt are offered on one particular screen after logging in, trying to add another method ( “Up to six”) simply blows away receiving a code at all. So, it’s off to the phone for support again. I don’t think I missed the memo on this little glitch. I pay attention to institutions that have all my money. This is a little too surreptitious to my liking. Bank customers should have been informed. Correct me if I am wrong.

Republic has a post listing the method each bank will use to send codes in lieu of the now dearly departed SMS delivery method. Most methods are by email. ONLY.

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