Already have a plan, but lost my phone/sim card


I lost my phone and sim card. I want to replace it with a Samsung Galaxy A12 from the store. Do I also need to buy a new sim card, or will one come with the phone?


Hello @sarahg.ldteto .

You would need to get a new SIM card on Republic Wireless’ new 5.0 plans since you lost your SIM card.*** When you order a 5.0 plan, Republic Wireless ships you a SIM card.

If you’re waiting to do wifi calling on the new 5.0 plans, then you might want to consider getting a compatible phone for wifi calling with Republic Wireless’ new plans. According to the compatiblity list, the Samsung Galaxy A12 isn’t compabatible for doing wifi calling.

***Disclaimer: this is Republic Wireless’ current status for activations involving moving an existing Republic Wireless number to a 5.0 plan:

Here’s the link to check on Republic Wireless’ status updates yourself.

I’m assuming many of those issues with activations will be resolved soon, especially because I think Republic Wireless is about to enter a full work week without holidays starting tomorrow.

Any phone purchased directly from Republic’s online store after December 14, 2021 is certified for WiFi calling on Republic 5.0. The list you reference is for BYOP purposes.


Is the RW 5.0 locked Samsung A12 a different model number than the unlocked models on the current BYOP list? What makes it able to use WiFi for calling? Will it still be able to make WiFi calls if unlocked by RW? Thanks.

You would continue to be able to use it for wifi calling on Republic 5.0 if unlocked. As to what other networks it might work for wifi calling, it is likely a safe assumption that it will work for wifi calling with anyone that uses the AT&T network, but other than that, there are no guarantees.