Alternate Voicemail Greetings capability?


I would like to be able to have alternative voicemail greetings available. For example have a standard greeting and then an alternate greeting saying I’m out sick today or something or at a conference. And then you don’t have to re-record your greetings you just go back to your standard greeting when you want to.

Is this already a feature and I’m just not able to figure out how to set it up?

Thanks for your help


Hi @marilynp!

There is no way to do alternates short of re-recording voicemail. It’s bit that hard to do though. There are a couple ways to record your own voicemail greeting. You can do it from the Republic App or via the dialer . Both of those are links to easy-to-understand documentation. I hope that helps!



One way to do that is to get a free Google voice number and forward RW voicemail to it. There are many advantages to this including alternate saved greetings, Individual greetings for specific incoming numbers, and email voice to text notification of messages.

Even if you are not a techie it is easy to set up.