Alternative Bank Authentication Methods


We’ve recently seen a trend where certain banks, apps, etc won’t send 2-Factor Authentication codes to Republic phone numbers. This is unfortunately caused by a policy issued by NIST (a government standards body) that was lobbied heavily by the telecommunications industry which allows authentication texts to be sent to traditional cell phones, but not more advanced services like Republic. While the number of banks that have an issue with Republic is currently small, I expect that we’ll see more refuse to text Republic numbers as we move forward. The good news, is that the better banks are recognizing that authentication by SMS is not secure and so they’re offering additional methods beyond that. Below is a list of the banks where we were able to determine alternatives to SMS that are available to their customers.

Some definitions:

  • Call means a call with a one time code is made to the user.
  • E-Mail means an email is sent to the user with a one-time code.
  • Token is a physical hardware device that presents codes for the user to use.
  • App is the Bank’s App which will provide the code for use in signing in.
Unable to get short code texts

Thanks Louisdi,
This list helps me in making a decision on which service(s) to use in the future!
Look like USAA is in the lead on this right at the moment!

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USAA is my favorite for so many reasons :grinning:

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