Alternative Bank Authentication Methods

thanks - I will look into this again. I have the app, but haven’t really explored all the options. Appreciate the information.

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Glad to help.


Can I use Zelle with the Wells Fargo app without receiving a text message?

I called Wells Fargo on the phone and they told me that the only way to use Zelle is to receive a text message, but I see here there are people who say that they can receive calls from Wells Fargo.

I need to use Zelle with Wells Fargo, but I can no longer receive messages from them in Google Voice.

Is there any alternative?

Any number capable of receiving messages from Wells Fago? So be paid. Thank you.

PS: I am not from the United States.

Sorry I don’t have experience with Zelle and never used it. Have you tried to use Zelle from within the Wells Fargo app?

I’ve been using Paypal for years through their website. I’ve never used their app, so I don’t know if it works with Republic Wireless or not.

Zelle is a no go also:

For what it’s worth, Zelle doesn’t like Google Voice numbers for the same reason it doesn’t like Republic numbers (they’re VoIP).

There are payment app alternatives to Zelle that get along with Republic and probably Google Voice numbers. I’ve used Square’s Cash app:

Wells Fargo and Zelle require a U.S. based cellular number. Not being in the U.S. makes acquiring a U.S. based cellular number difficult though not impossible.

I figured out a “workaround” (kinda) for at least my mothers U.S. Bank app login “Verify mobile number”.

I signed up a spare phone i have for Tello, for the $5 a month Sprint based MVNO, no data, 100 texts. I put in that number into the US Bank app and it sends text to that phone, and put code in the app, and then will log in. Did not have to add the number to her account.

Not sure if this would work for other banks apps or for a 2FA setup…or for Venmo, Target etc, the other services that require non-VOIP based number…

Another option, to get a “real” mobile number, I suppose, if you are one that can qualify, there are government programs of various sorts, that offer free phones.

Seems now US Bank is requiring a code being sent to a “real mobile number” via their online website login as well, not just smart phone app.

My mother is locked out now online, as the “security question” it asked as the “Alternative” method, was not one she knew or ever had set and was not on her list of login info for things.

Banks are annoying.

Moto G4 with my choice 1gb but the issue isn’t with the phone or my plan…

I had some help the other day from a customer support person but it appears there’s no answer to this issue:

RW phones can’t receive texts from a lot of third party verification systems, including the IRS and my state here in NC.

Right now, this is a big problem for me and I’m sure many others, especially when the only other option to access my online tax account is via mail verification, like it’s 1985, because my phone can’t receive the verification text. I don’t have two weeks to wait.

Zelle is another app which will not work with RW. It’s of course a bad time, when when having the ability to send or receive money quickly is critical.

So rather than coming here to complain, I’m actually just wondering if there are any other solutions for those of you who have run into this issue with RW? Even if it’s outside of RW, are there any ways to receive a text to a mobile phone when we don’t actually have a “mobile/cellular” phone.

Hi @gregoryp.pm0hni,

Thanks for your proactive approach to the situation.

I’ve merged your post into an existing topic on the matter.

@louisdi, would you consider broadening the scope of your Tip to include services other than banks?

With the IRS, the issue goes far beyond Republic. The IRS refuses to use any prepaid phone number because a prepaid number cannot be used to verify identity. Service providers offering postpaid plans generally do credit checks, which, in turn, verifies identity. If North Carolina and other states are wanting to use one’s mobile number as proof of identity, they too are likely to insist on postpaid numbers verified by a credit check done by the provider. Generally, prepaid providers do not do credit checks.

The issue with Zelle is indeed the result of Republic’s use of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology to power the WiFi portion of its blended WiFi/cell service.

Fortunately, there are multiple other ways to move money electronically. Built right into the Android ecosystem is Google Pay. Sending and receiving money electronically is as easy as exchanging an email or a text message. Samsung offers Samsung Pay as an additional alternative for its phones.

If one prefers a third party app, I’ve used both Paypal and Square’s Cash app from time to time.

This would be a worthy endeavor. In fairness, the scope might be more than one person could easily handle. If so, perhaps, @louisdi would consider wikifying his T&T?

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Tis already a wiki.

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New information regarding Zelle.

When using Zelle through Wells Fargo app, to receive funds. Verification can now take place through email.

Even though WF will not formally say they don’t accept VoIP numbers they have made provision for them by allowing email verification instead of text messages ONLY TO RECEIVE PAYMENTS!

Unfortunately, as I found out today I can’t send funds, they will only verify sender through text message. I’m currently working on WF to see if they will modify this policy.

UPDATE 04/15/2020

Had a lengthy conversation with Tech support at Wells Fargo. They are aware of the problem with Zelle. They are working on an alternate method of verification, such as email instead of text messages. When this solution will be implemented is unknown at this time.


We can add Capital One to the list, but there is some reassuring news I can add to that. I last used Zelle three months ago but today it was balking, both on my Windows PC and Android tablet. On the tablet I used both the Capital One app, and the Chrome browser when tech support asked me to.

Yadda, yadda, yadda, the good news is that by going into Accounts and Feature Settings, Zelle Settings, using the app and clicking on the icon for my profile, I was able to click on “Verify” underneath my email address, and that became the default for getting a verification code which I could enter in.

I was able to make my transaction. :slight_smile:

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