Alternative Bank Authentication Methods

thanks - I will look into this again. I have the app, but haven’t really explored all the options. Appreciate the information.

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Glad to help.


Can I use Zelle with the Wells Fargo app without receiving a text message?

I called Wells Fargo on the phone and they told me that the only way to use Zelle is to receive a text message, but I see here there are people who say that they can receive calls from Wells Fargo.

I need to use Zelle with Wells Fargo, but I can no longer receive messages from them in Google Voice.

Is there any alternative?

Any number capable of receiving messages from Wells Fago? So be paid. Thank you.

PS: I am not from the United States.

Sorry I don’t have experience with Zelle and never used it. Have you tried to use Zelle from within the Wells Fargo app?

I’ve been using Paypal for years through their website. I’ve never used their app, so I don’t know if it works with Republic Wireless or not.

Zelle is a no go also:

For what it’s worth, Zelle doesn’t like Google Voice numbers for the same reason it doesn’t like Republic numbers (they’re VoIP).

There are payment app alternatives to Zelle that get along with Republic and probably Google Voice numbers. I’ve used Square’s Cash app:

Wells Fargo and Zelle require a U.S. based cellular number. Not being in the U.S. makes acquiring a U.S. based cellular number difficult though not impossible.

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