Alternative to Republic Anywhere: what do you recommend?

  1. I understand that Anywhere is dead. Is this true?

  2. Anywhere on both PC and MAC label (1) one contact incorrectly, e.g. my cousin Chris is listed as “Time-Warner (Customer Service).” I can’t find a way to correct this error.

  3. Deleting old text from my phone (Moto G7) is ridiculously tedious. They have to be deleted one at a time and I have to scroll from last to earlier texts every GD time.

I’m looking for an alternative app for my phone (Moto G7, Android 10) and companion programs for both macOS 10.13.6 and Windows 10. I think I want to stay with Republic Wireless’ MSM servers.

I’m well versed in many aspects of both MACs and PCs but I not well versed in MSM just a user.


I for one will be extremely upset when Anywhere is ultimately declared dead. Fortunately it is still alive and well.


Hi @mr_speedlight,

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The Anywhere app is no longer in development. It continues to be available on an “as-is” basis.

You can try re-syncing your contacts. There are options to do so both on the phone and from the status-tray options on the PC. (I’m sorry, I don’t have experience with Anywhere on a Mac. On a PC, right-click the Anywhere icon in the status tray, and then click “resync contacts.” My own computer displays the right name, but the wrong image for many of my contacts, and I have not been able to find a way to resolve this.

Republic Wireless officially supports the Messages app by Google, which also allows you to text from other devices. One of our Ambassadors maintains a list of alternate apps that are known to work with Republic, here: Text Messaging Apps Known to Work with Republic, and you may find that list helpful.


Thank you for your reply. I’m not a fan of Google but I’ll have a look since I use Google Voice at times.

I wish republic would at the least fix Anywhere without adding any new features. I understand this will not happen. I wish Republic had never offered Anywhere if they were not reasonably commuted to it.

I’ve used an A droid app named SMS Backup (have I used MSM before) to save HTML files of all my selected messages. From there I can save the HTML files to Win10 with Explorer and with MAC i’ve used Android File

Anyway I’m learning about texting so I’ll be a bit more than a simple user.

Thank You for your help!


This is great, and I hope you’ll share some of your discoveries with us in the Community. It sounds like you’re doing interesting things with your text messages already. I use SMS backup, too, particularly when I move from phone-to-phone, but primarily just to keep a backup copy of some of my older, more treasured messages.

I hope you’ll let us know what you end up using and any improved functionality you find - like a way to delete old text messages more efficiently.

For now I’m using Republic Anywhere on my MAC as every MAC messaging program seems to involve some kind of complicated hack or subscription.

On my Android Phone I’m switching between Republic Anywhere and the default Android app. I find the default app so-so for cleaning up old and unneeded messages but much better than Anywhere.

This is less than ideal but will have to do for now.



Have you tried Messages for web?

I’m trying out Messages for web. Thanks!

Is there a way to search the messages in a conversation so that thumbnails of video links are shown in the Messages for web computer page?

I confess that I have no idea. I’m a Google Voice user.


Here is a link to a Google support article on searching in Messages

This may not be exactly what you are wanting to to do but the article does describe how to access the Search function.

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Thank you for the link. It’s getting late. I’ll check it out tomorrow.


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I don’t find anyway to search messages in the default Android message app. Also I see no way to search at

Since Republic Anywhere is on an “as-is” basis, is it secure?

In the Messages App: At the top of the page with the list of all your messages is a bar with a magnifying glass on the left and the words “Search links” in it. Tap that bar and you can enter a search.

At There is indeed no way to search.

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Today I received a, “Searching for your phone” message from It appears that one must have their phone turned on and connected via WI-Fi or cellular data for Messages to work. I’m looking for a way to access messages directly with or from the Republic Wireless message servers. I guess I’m stuck for now with Republic Anywhere.

It is very irresponsible for Republic Wireless to offer and promote Anywhere and then not get it pass an Alpha Test condition. Not adding new features is one thing but serious errors like displaying, “Time-Warner (Customer Service)” instead of the proper contact name is unacceptable.

I’m stuck with Republic Wireless but I will NOT recommend Republic Wireless to others. I’ve been with Republic Wireless since 2011.


Sorry you’re disappointed. I use Google Voice. TextNow is the only other wireless provider I’m aware of that offers what you’re looking for.

I have a google voice phone number. I’ve only used it lately to ring my phone when I don’t know where I laid it down. I used google voice on the web before and I’ll have to look into it again.

Thank you!


The only way is through Anywhere.

Companies launch and kill products all the time. Republic could have turned Anywhere off completely but has instead allowed users to continue to have access to it, which many of us appreciate.

Contact issues can almost always be resolved by resyncing contacts or at worst removing and reinstalling the Anywhere App.

This seems like a really strange position over Anywhere. Republic didn’t offer Anywhere in 2011 when you decided to join. They didn’t charge you more to have Anywhere. Very few other carriers offer the equivalent of Anywhere. But because they gave you something extra that wasn’t available when you joined, without charging extra for it, that very few others offer, but aren’t maintaining it to your liking, that soured everything?


Today, we’re breaking the boundaries of communication yet again! We’re extremely excited to announce the first official release of :anywhere: Republic Anywhere!!

The above then after a time Republic Wireless leave anywhere with serious errors. Republic Wireless should be responsible and stabilize Anywhere even if they never add new features. A more responsible company would.

louisdi, your logic. is broken. What Republic offered in 20111 has nothing to do with Anywhere and Republics failure to release a stable and functional program. If all you have to offer is excuses please don’t post further. If you do add another post don’t expect me to reply. I don’t see you as constructive.

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