Alternative to Republic Anywhere: what do you recommend?

Here’s the thing, Republic has repaired numerous bugs since development ended and the vast majority of customers don’t have issues. The issue you described has been corrected in 100% of the cases that I’ve helped here on the community and as an Expert as well. Have you tried resyncing your contacts and if that doesn’t work uninstalling and reinstalling Anywhere on your phone? It was suggested several days ago and you didn’t respond if you’ve done so. Simply complaining without trying the suggested troubleshooting certainly isn’t

BTW – Google has had 13 messaging apps for Android over time. Facebook is estimated to have discontinued 26 features/offerings since launch, including the Mixer Music Service which had millions in marketing put behind it at one point. Ford no longer makes the Thunderbird. Motorola no longer makes the Moto X. If companies were required to offer a product forever no products would ever be launched. Priorities change. Technologies change. Business conditions change. Customer demand changes. Companies that don’t adapt die. You may not like the way they adapt, but to be angry about it it just a waste of energy.


Republic Anywhere is the ONLY reason I stay with Republic wireless. I have Spectrum internet and they were trying to sell me on a $14 per month service plan with 1GB data. I indicated that if they had a desktop texting application, I would be willing to switch.

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Can you answer me one question please, if you know
Alternatively, is it possible to have QKSMS added to the “don’t show popup” list internally? Everything functions fully with it (SMS, MMS, all messages come from the correct number and not the RW internal number, etc.) Is there any specific process to request such a change to the app (bugtracker, etc.)?

Hi @jlyon426 and welcome to the Community!

There is no process of which I’m aware for your request. That said, it may be possible to stop the nagging warning message as follows:

  1. Open the Republic Wireless app not Republic Anywhere
  2. Tap the gear icon to the upper right
  3. Tap Advanced Settings
  4. Uncheck the box for Show incompatible messenger

Thanks @rolandh, that’s really the best approach. We’re not likely to change the app to add additional third-party apps since they can change to become unsupportable with a single update.

Roland, would you consider doing some confirmation testing and adding QKSMS to your Text Messaging Apps Known to Work with Republic topic?

Testing does confirm QKSMS is indeed currently compatible with Republic service, so I will add to Text Messaging Apps Known to Work with Republic.

I would like to ask @jlyon426 to confirm the steps I posted earlier worked (or not). I’m asking because, so far, the Republic app on my phones is not flagging QKSMS as being incompatible (i.e I have the box for Show incompatible messenger checked and am not being nagged).

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