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I’m a RW user currently on my parents plan, looking to break off onto my own plan but keep my number. From previous questions, it looks like is the go-to service for storing a number during a transition. Trying to do this porting process, I discovered that is no longer accepting new customers. Is anyone aware of alternatives to I haven’t found many credible sources in my Google searches, but I trust the RW community. Let me know if there are other good options to get onto my own plan.



Hi @jefft.txxuw3!

I was in that same boat last year! I used Number Barn. It’s not free (I think it will be arround $7), but they did a great job! They make it easy to get your pin and other information necessary for the port back to Republic. I definitely recommend them. Here’s a link: Number Parking, Toll Free and Local Numbers, Call Forwarding service from NumberBarn. Hope that helps!



have the main account owner create a ticket asking to split off your number to a new account (you can go ahead and create that account and add a ticket from your side to receive the number as it take the account owners of both accounts to agree to port from one to another) Republic Help


Plans are tied to the phone, not the account. Each phone in the account can have its own plan. Payment method is tied to the account, however, so if you objective is to pay for your own plan then yes, you will have to move to your own account. The easiest and cheapest way to do this is as @drm186 suggests.



Do I need to reference my parent’s account name in the ticket and do my parents need to reference my account name?


Your parents currently “own” your phone number. It would be best they initiate the request to split your line of service to your account.


it’s best that the one who enters the ticket second reference the other ticket so Republic can link the rerquest