Always having to re-activate my RW 3.0 plan


I have a Moto X Pure with the RW 3.0 plan and have had to reactivate my SIM card several times over last 6 months. This isn’t always convenient as its usually when I am on my way yo work and I don’t have WiFi available at work. now its telling me that I need to reactivate my SIM Card but then it tells me that it is activated and that I need to reboot my phone. I have done that several times and removed the SIM card and reinserted it but still stuck in the loop. Anyone else have this issue and what was the solution?


BTW I can send and receive emails but not text or calls during this problem.


Hi @williamj.0uzdtx,

This is an issue we’ve seen crop up on a handful of phones. Please open a ticket describing what is happening and ask that it be investigated as part of master ticket 1508513.