Alzheimers - can I make it easier?

Trying to set up my old phone so Dad can see photos while in the car. Have a Moto G (3rd?) Android version 5.1. I want to do a factory reset then set it up so he can click on one button and see the photos.

It keeps asking me to use Google Now Launcher as home. Do I need a Launcher top put files on the screen? I read Evie is a simple launcher if I need one.

Is there anyway to track his phone if it is not activated? It can still get wifi if in the house.

Motorola update is done. It would not do PRL or Profile update.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions!

As long as u add a Google Account, and it is connected to internet somehow, one can track it via Googles own Find my Device feature.

As far as using a different launcher…that should be fine. I am sure there are some launchers that are more geared toward large buttons and for seniors etc.
The only real trouble is, that version of Android is quite old and many app have moved on beyond the point of supporting it.

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Hi @dianeo.x8l6kz,

Welcome back to our Member Community. I admire your creative problem-solving approach to life’s challenges.

Yes. The launcher is the software that makes the home screen work. A more customizable one will let you adjust the size of the icons, which may be helpful.
If you tap “always” when it asks, Google Now will quit prompting you. You can always change it to a different launcher later.

Tracking would be limited to the house - I’m not sure how helpful that is, though. If the problem is simply that he loses it in the house, I’d be glad to send you a Motorola Keylink.

If you’re hoping to use it to track him, should he wander away, it would need to be activated with a data plan, turned on, location software enabled, and in an area where cellular data is available.


Gosh - a motorola keylink would be great! How can I securely give you my address?

And thank you for the info!


Hi @dianeo.x8l6kz

I’ll send you a personal message so that part of our conversation is not publicly-visible.

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