Am i able to switch to a newer phone with my Republic Refund plan?


I’m fully aware Republic Wireless no longer does the refund plan like they did last year. I switched to Republic Wireless last year in February 2016 and I currently own a Moto G 3rd gen phone. Since then, I’ve grown to LOVE it and it’s one of the best decisions I’ve ever made! :smile: With these new phones Republic is selling in their shop, is it possible for me to purchase one of the newer phones and continue to use my Republic Refund plan?

I know with some newer phones, you can’t upgrade to them because they specifically use the new plan. However, are there any phones currently in the shop that i can upgrade that still uses the refund plan? I want to keep this plan since it’s worked out so well for me. I wouldn’t mind upgrading to a better phone compared to the one i have now! If not, then I’ll just stick to what i have! :blush:


all the new phones need the new plans, there will be no new phones for the old plans which require the Custom ROMed Legacy Phone like your Moto G 3rd


Aww, so there’s no way to upgrade? Like, i can’t buy a phone and buy anything to make sure i can use it through Republic Wireless?

I’m not even sure if that is possible since I’m not technical with phones haha.


The legacy phones all have a custom ROM to handle the hybrid VOIP/Cell republic network pre6.0 OS, this custom ROM had the data controls that was an enabler of the refund plan
Republic and the OEM [Motorola/Lenovo] stop making the custom ROM.
3.0 does use unlocked, unmodified approved phones but need the new nonrefund plans

If one can find a used legacy phone one can activate it on the refund plans
The Moto G 3rd was the last photo e built for the refund plans so there really is a legacy phone that would be an upgrade [the Moto X 2nd would be a side step as it’s a year older but a flagship phone


This answers my question too – the same question of can I keep my plan and upgrade from a G3 to a G5. Oh well. However, i’m wondering if it is possible to upgrade the phone from 8 GB to 16 GB? Lack of memory is really my only complaint with the Moto G3.


If you find a 16 GB Republic version of the Moto G 3rd then you can activate it as a replacement, [there no way to change your current phone to 16GB ]


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