Am I OK to sell my phone when

I used my PC first to access my Google Account,and hit remove .I then performed a factory reset. The phone still shows in manage my devices ,but the remove red box is gone. Did I goof up?

Hi @donalde,

How did you perform the factory reset? If you used the Settings app, all is fine to sell your phone. If you did an external reset (using the buttons on the phone), I suggest doing another reset via settings to be safe.

Factory Reset using Power/Volume Buttons

Hi @donalde,

In that case, I’ll reiterate my suggestion to do another factory reset from the Settings app on the phone. You will likely have to go through initial setup adding the old Google account back to the phone first.

In order to not trigger the so-called “kill switch” anti-theft protection, the Google account must have been removed from the phone. It’s not clear to me how you might have done that from your PC?

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From my PC. In the Goggle security settings. My devices, Remove.

It’s not clear to me that removes the Google account on the phone. If you start the phone up, does it ask for the Google account previously on it?

You are going to need to do a reset from the Settings app. Removing the phone as you described will not prevent the kill switch that @rolandh described previously.

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I ended up signing into my Google on the reset phone the removing it as you said in settings then
Factory reset. Hopefully good now.

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