Am I overdue for a system update?

I have a moto g play running 7.1.1 Am I overdue for an update? I haven’t received one in a long time.

Hi @johng.6r5jad,

I’m afraid not. Your Moto G4 Play has reached the end of the line as far as Android (including security) updates are concerned. Generally, the manufacturers supply updates for, at most, 3 years and your phone is now going on 5 years old.

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Hmmmm, OK, thanks for the answer, but I’m kind of annoyed. The phone is three years old (I bought it from RW in March 2017), so that means it was already 2 years old when I bought it?

Anyway, that aside, the phone works fine and I really don’t want to buy a new one. How risky is the older Android system?

My math was a bit off. Motorola released the Moto G4 series in mid-2016, which is when Republic began selling it. Therefore, it’s more like going on 4 years old rather than 5. The Moto G5 series wasn’t released until mid 2017, so there’s nothing untoward about Republic (and others) continuing to sell the 4th generation series prior to that. Anyway, it’s the manufacturer who decides how long to issue operating system updates for a particular phone not Republic.

Not nearly as risky as one might think based on what they read on the Internet. Generally, exploits one reads about are more theory of what could happen rather than practical reality. My general rule of thumb is if one’s phone does what one needs and wants it to do, one should continue to use it until that changes.


OK, that’s good to know. I really hate to have to upgrade a perfectly good device.

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