Amazon 4g

can I use the moto 4g purchased from amazon?\

it is unlocked

Yes, that’s what I use. I have the one with the Amazon lock screen ads. Works great!

Go to this link for the phones sold through RW

Top Android Smartphones, payment plans optional | Republic Wireless

Punch in your zip code…and look at the list of phones that come up as good for your area

If that list excludes GSM only phones such as the Samsung J3, then you are not in a good GSM area.

In that case, I would not recommend ordering your Moto G4 from Amazon…as you can only get a GSM SIM card if you choose to bring your own phone. Instead if you order the phone from Republic Wireless and the zip code checker deems

CDMA coverage is better for you…then you will get a Moto G4 with CDMA coverage from Republic Wireless.

See here for additional info

Republic Wireless Coverage Update and CDMA Availability

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