Amazon app and payment method

The Amazon app and Amazon picture app for some reason used 506 mb of data in one so I deleted both and attempted to buy more data however it triggered the security protocol and locked my account until I called. Be careful what app you install most are memory hogs.

Hi @tom4342,

I’m sorry to hear of the experience. Might I trouble you for some additional detail? What account is it you refer to that got locked? Your Republic account? Your Amazon account? Something else?

You also mention resolving the issue with a call. As I’m confident you know, Republic doesn’t provide a call in number though a phone call may be arranged in appropriate circumstances upon request after first opening a help ticket.

My credit union account went on lockdown when I tried to add data which is weird having just paid my bill.

Hi @tom4342,

I agree that is weird. If you can share without compromising any private information. did your credit union shed any light on that?

Just a glitch they said

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