Amazon Moto G6 model XT1925-12

Bring your own phone says you can bring a Moto G6 model XT1925-6. Amazon Prime day has an unlocked, T-Mobile compatible, 32GB Moto G6 but its model is XT1925-12.

As little as I can tell, the only difference is that Amazon has stuck some Amazon apps on the phone. This includes Alexa access by double pressing the power button.

Can I use this with Republic?

it’s T-Mobile version then it not supported only North American Factory Unlocked Model is supported and that’s the listed XT1925-6

(I found a user manual for a XT1925-12 and it says it the version Model so it would not work on Republic)
in case this is a type o and it;'s the XT1925-2 that the international model and not supported)

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Thank you for responding. :slightly_smiling_face:

Simple answer. No. Only the very specific models listed, for all phone, can be used with Republic. More detailed info here: How to Find a Compatible Unlocked Phone

I appreciate your linked article. According to it, the phone will work with Republic:

"Moto G6

“Once again, we have the fun on multiple model numbers. The Motorola Model number is XT1925-6. In some cases you may see the phone advertised by its part number. In this case, the phone will be listed as PAAE0000US, PAAE0002U, PAAE0007US or PAAE0009US. These are the same phone (differences may be Amazon Prime Exclusive version and/or color) and no matter which way it is listed, it will work with Republic.”

The part number listed by Amazon is PAAE0002US. (Though the model number in the manual is XT1925-12.)

What it says in the manual is meaningless. If the phone is indeed the -12 then it is not the model that Amazon mentioned. Those two things are mutually exclusive. You would have to check on the phone itself.

The Moto G6 I see on Amazon Prime day says in the Q&A that its a XT1925-6. Should arrive Thurs. I’m upgrading from Moto G.

It arrived and is a XT1925-6.


@jkole - we upgraded both of our G1’s to the G6 and love them. Just finished the upgrade to PIE yesterday and what a difference. Some adjustment with where things are in PIE and the newer versions of Android are a little more aggressive in “sleep” that turns off the WiFi. Nothing that has hampered our use. Hope you enjoy the new phones as much as we enjoy ours!

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