Amazon Prime Day, $100 off Moto G7, Model XT1962-1

Is this phone compatible with Republic?

It is indeed. Please note that right now the phone is compatible only with Republic’s GSM partner’s network (T-Mobile), so you’ll want to make sure their coverage is good in your area. Republic is working with the CDMA partner (Sprint) to make it work with them as well, but we don’t know when it’ll happen although I’m hopeful it’ll be before the end of August since Republic has said “summer” in the past. That said, as Sprint is involved in doing much of the work, there’s a real possibility of delays…

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Do you have a link to the phone? I can’t seem to find it.

The words “this phone” above are the link. Here it is again:

DOH! Thank you! I guess I need more coffee this morning.

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What about Verizon? I bought this phone last week and the connectivity SUCKS. Won’t connect to my cars Bluetooth, won’t connect to wifi at work (my g4 works fine). This phone is NOT a good deal until those issues are fixed!

Republic does not work with Verizon. They work with Sprint and T-Mobile.

As far as the other issues, there are many many Republic customer using that phone and I haven’t seen complaints about either Bluetooth or wifi. Maybe the community can help you troubleshoot those issues.

We have a G7 that connects to Bluetooth without any issues. You may find this discussion useful for your WiFi connectivity issues.

Nope, read it all, doesn’t really help. My phone still doesn’t work with my car or at work.

What happens when you attempt to pair bluetooth?

If I were you, I would contact Motorola support. The issues your describe are not republic wireless related and sound like they may be physical or software related.

If the phone is defective, make sure you verify that with Motorola before your return period expires so you can return and repurchase it. Only go with a warranty replacement if your return period has expired OR you got an exceptional deal…

I hope your able to get this resolved…


I know it’s device related, my other g4 connects just fine to everything.

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