Amazon Prime's Moto X4 model number is different and is it compatible?



The model number of the Moto X4 Amazon Prime edition is different than what it is said to be supported. I was wondering if it is still compatible with republic’s sim at all? The Moto X4 doesn’t even appear under the “check phone compatibility” for the current sim card. Amazon’s model number is PA8S0012US while republic’s is XT1900-1.


I haven’t actually looked to see, but, PA8S0012US is Amazon’s model number, not Motorola’s model number. The “US” at the end indicates it is the U.S. model. Sso, I’m pretty sure the Amazon MX4 is the XT1900-1. Like, 99.5% sure. I’ll look around and try to confirm.


Thank you! I thought that might be the case but wasn’t completely sure.


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