Amazon vs. RW sim card

Republic Wireless sales its sim card for $5 + $4 shipping + tax =$9.66
Why would I buy a RW sim card, when I can get a RW sim card from Amazon for $1 w/Prime
free shipping.

From what I can tell too, there is no $25 minimum or add-on required to order the RW sim from Amazon.
I’m just upset that I ordered a sim card from RW before learning that Amazon sold the same sim cardfor a much lower price. In fact RW is taking 4 days to get me the new sim, and Amazon could get it to me the next day.

There’s no particular reason one should though not everyone is an Amazon Prime member or otherwise wishes to shop at Amazon.

I do believe the $25 add-on minimum order would be required if one is not an Amazon Prime member.


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