Amt of data left

Notified by Republic that I am down to 25% of my allotted data.
My Republic Meter shows 1008 mb left, 16 used.
I am on my 3rd day of usage for the month.
I have not left the house, since the 23rd, when my monthly allotment reset. I am on internet at the house, it has not been ‘out’.
Is something happening with the transition to cause this?
My wife recieved a similar notice,3 days in for her, as well. She even upgrades for the $5, for added data.
Something isn’t correct.

If the Republic Wireless app is showing that you have plenty of data left, it sounds like something with the Republic Wireless E-mail alert system misfired.


Hoping that is the case…

Hi @stephenr.11e64g,

Has the Republic app changed at all since you last wrote? I’m wondering if it’s now any more in alignment with the warning you received?