An Issue for Discussion

My annual RW plan is up for renewal in May, so I have plenty of time before I need to make any decisions. However, as I think about why I went with RW in 2014 in the first place, I begin to have some concerns. That is, I liked that RW appeared to be a smaller MVNO, working very hard to be innovative. Their WiFi-first technology and later their hybrid calling showed them to be top rate. Now, all their unique innovations, including hybrid calling are going away, and they are just another MVNO.

Dish feels to me like one of those hedge fund companies; that is, they provide only the bare minimum amount of service that they need to keep the maximum profit coming in, but no more. They certainly don’t want to be innovative or take risks with new technologies. In addition, AT&T gets very very low ratings for service (I know we won’t really have to deal with them, but still.)

Given the disastrous mess that the transition is having, I am considering other MVNOs. I never really even thought about Mint before, but looking at their web site, they appear to be worth consideration. They offer an annual plan at a good price, just like RW’s annual plan used to do. Also, they offer e-SIMs for my Pixel phone.

Anyway, perhaps by May 2022 RW will pull up its socks and be shining like the top of the Chrysler building as they used to, but in all honesty, I can’t imagine the really talented people from the old RW staying much longer. We’ll see, but right now things look pretty grim for our old friend.


I don’t disagree … seems like just another MVNO, and it uses AT&T, which might not be everyone’s favorite carrier … but wait there is more to come in its future.


Paradoxically, your well written comments highlight RW’s remaining uncommon strength: the vitality of this forum. I, too, am considering moving on but am not sure it is worth saving a few bucks per month to find another “just another MVNO”.

Yes, I can continue to monitor the forum but it won’t be the same if I’m not an active participant.

What I’d like to find is another truly innovative, forward thinking company but all I see are companies that find slightly different ways to package the same thing, plus or minus features that may make a difference to some people (like eSIM to you).

Thanks for starting a broader discussion that goes beyond the specifics of other threads.


To be fair jben, DISH has been pulling the ‘just wait…there’s more’ for some time now. If memory serves me correctly, there has been no real action taken on Dish’s part for starting their network trial as they were supposed to. They keep pushing it back further and further. Dish maybe at one time was good in the tv provider area, but for my adulthood have been junk, both product and customer service.

Personally, I think a lot of the issues RW has been dealing with have been due to the takeover from DISH. If you think about it in the way DISH certainly does, it is financially worse to maintain 3 separate MVNOs, but my guess is they legally have to for some period of time. With RW being the smallest by narrow margin to Ting and largest of Boost. I would see DISH down the line wanting to combine all customers under one company. That is why I can’t say I am surprised with the bungled roll out of 5.0 plans. I don’t think DISH cares if it is successful sadly. Hopefully, in this I am wrong.


Another nationwide network would be terrific; competition is always good. But Dish’s business plan appears to follow the Red Queen’s model, “jam tomorrow and jam yesterday – but never jam today.”

As messed up as Republic’s transition from one existing network (T-Mobile) to another existing network (AT&T) has been, I’m not sure being an early adopter customer of their spanking new network would be a particularly good idea.

Also, what on EARTH is the reason for requiring a new different-than-existing-RW-account e-mail address in order to sign up for the new 5.0 plan? I know they are trying to fix this issue, but what were they thinking???

I am really disappointed with Republic Wireless; I have very much liked being their customer since 2014, they have been a great company. I’m just going to ride it out until they either fix things or my annual plan runs out in May, but Sheesh!!!

I think it’s important to remember that it’s not Republic Wireless.

It’s now Dish Wireless as Andrew notes.