An open letter to our members concerning our 11/29 outage

Starting yesterday afternoon and continuing into early evening we experienced an issue that affected our members’ ability to make and receive local and long distance calls and text messages. It was caused by a severe disruption in one of our partner’s data centers. As soon as we identified the problem, we worked with them closely to resolve the issue as quickly as possible.

It’s Republic’s top priority to keep our members connected and we take the trust you place in us very seriously. We understand how important reliable service is to you and I acknowledge that we let you down yesterday. For that, I apologize and humbly ask for the opportunity to regain your trust. Without you, there would be no Republic and we’re at work right now doing everything we can to learn from this and ensure it doesn’t happen again.

Doc Shufelt
SVP & General Manager
Republic Wireless


One thing I really like about RW is that you are very transparent with any issues or service outages that occur. You post them prominently on your site and don’t rely on social media to get the word out ( for those like myself who aren’t on Twitter). Thanks for that.


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Thank you for the email. I’m happy to say I didn’t notice the outage.