And yet another reason why I went elsewhere--Republic still billing me

So I ported my number to another carrier because Republic service sucked where I live so after I ported the number the phone disappeared on my Republic account. I figured that would stop my payment but nope, it didn’t so, I went in to follow their instructions on how to cancel service and you have to chose a phone to cancel but my phone isn’t there anymore. I have no phones activated anymore. Gotta love this antiquated system. No customer service to call?

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Hi Amy, It should be quite impossible for your account to be billed with no active phone. Are you sure that you’re signing in to the right account? If you look here: are you seeing the charge that you’re referring to?

According to Additional Notes in: How to Transfer Your Number from Republic Wireless – Republic Help it should no longer be billing you

Once your number has been transferred to a different provider, your Republic Wireless service line will automatically be canceled and removed from future billing

I would suggest you Open a Ticket with Republic, as their billing folks are the only folks that can research the problem and remedy it, if necessary. fyi: they are a M-F group that work regular business hours (East Coast)

Hi @amyl.jgb9mt,

I’m not seeing any recent billing on the account associated with this Community login. Our Help Team would be glad to research the matter more thoroughly, though. We often see questions like yours when there is more than one family member subscribed on different accounts but sharing the same credit card. Could that possibly be your situation?

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