Andddd and it's gone!

A little disappointed here at 9:30 PM PST and finally getting off work, that all the Huawei Ascend phones would be completely sold out after only thirty minutes of this sale. Great job to everyone else that snagged a phone right at 9:00 PM. :confused:


Add to Cart is still showing when I refresh by browser. I was able to just add one to my cart.

Try again or another browser.


If you haven’t cleared the cache of your browser the add to cart option may persist. Unfortunately, this is inaccurate and even if you’re able to add to your cart the system won’t let you complete the check out. Republic has stated that they will be getting the phone back in stock however not before the end of the current promotion. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news!

Locking this thread in order to focus all the concern about the quick sell-out to: Not cool, Republic. (Feedback about the Ascend 5W promotion).

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