Android 10 on Google Pixel 3a CDMA

The new Android 10 is to be released next week. As I’m interested in a new mid-priced cell phone with an OS that will be maintained into the future, it looks like the Pixel 3a will work for me. My question is: If I buy a new 3a phone in the next week or so, will it work on the Republic system? I also require it to work on a CDMA roaming as some regions I will use it in only have Verizon service.

Hi @paulb.lw8ldg and welcome back to the Member Community.

The Google Pixel 3a is listed on the Republic Site as model: G020G. While this is Google’s official model number, the phones are being sold by a number of retailers using other model numbers.

This following link has more information on the Pixel 3a model numbers –

This link lists the Pixel 3a under the BYOP program –

Roaming could be a problem according to this article –

If you share the zip codes for some of the areas you need to roam in others in the Community can give advice on coverage. Hope this helps!

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Voice and text roaming is still offered, just not DATA roaming. That’s been true for several years.

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@louisdi - Wasn’t sure if @paulb.lw8ldg was talking voice and text only or if DATA was needed. That’s why I included the reference. Thanks for clarifying the point on DATA roaming (or should I say lack of) :smiley:

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