Android 10 rolling out today

Looks like Android 10 is going to start rolling out today, starting with Pixel models.


Has there been any word as to when 10 will be officially supported by RW? I have a Pixel 2XL but want to know that RW supports it before I upgrade to 10.

I’ve been running the 10 Beta for a month or so. Updated to the official 10 release this afternoon. No issues so far. I’m sure Republic will make an official announcement in the coming days. :slightly_smiling_face:

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There is also this Help Center article that mentions " Improved performance for users on Android 10":

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Good to know. 10 hasn’t popped up on my phone yet but i expect it will soon. I also haven’t received the 3.27 version of the RW app yet but that will probably happen soon too.

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What Android 10 build is supported on RW for the Pixel 3…there are 2 images listed:

10.0.0 (QP1A.190711.019, Sep 2019)
10.0.0 (QP1A.190711.020, Sep 2019)

Not sure on the difference.

My 3XL updated itself OTA to .020 without issue.

Hi @fisher99,

We try to make it our practice to support the latest production build of Android, as released by the manufacturer on our supported phones, within 24 hours of release.

Android 10 is supported for your Pixel, and we recommend updating to the latest version of the Republic app (3.27) as soon as it is available to your phone.

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Either one.

Excellent! Thanks @southpaw !

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Update OTA has not been pushed to my phone…and the Check For Update button, supposed to override that…but that broken…again.

I was going to flash update manually, but seeing 2 build, I don’t know the differences.
There are many comments on various tech news articles of .20 causing bootloops for folks. And Google, in the past, has made separate builds, one for the USA model, one for the International model…but they did not mark which build is for what.

I’ve never had any luck with the Check for Update button overriding the schedule. I’ll have to wait again. But how long?! :thinking:

Should have joined the Beta or dared to flash the update manually, but I don’t dare do it.

I have the original Pixel, hit the check for update button, and there it is. Guess I’m lucky? Truth is, I haven’t been excited about OS updates since Android 6. Everything since then has been meh.


Hi @fisher99,

I have a couple of caveats for you!

@rolandh noticed that inbound SMS are not being rendered in Anywhere on Android 10, and our technicians are investigating that and have reported it to the Anywhere developers.

What this means is that while the phone is receiving the SMS message, the message is not displayed in Anywhere. You’ll have to use Android Messages or one of the Community-reported Text Messaging Apps Known to Work with Republic.

Additionally, not that this will affect you, but in case other Pixel users are reading along, I’ve seen a report the Republic app is not allowing the Pixel 3a/XL, once upgraded to Android 10 to activate on our service. I’m confident our engineers will have that resolved sometime tomorrow.

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I hit the “Check for Updates” on my Pixel 2XL and it offered to updated to 10. Update took about 15 minutes. So far everything seems to be working fine. Haven’t received the new RW app upgrade yet.

After the update I switched from the standard “3 button” controls to full gesture controls and while I kind of like it, I’m not sure that it’s actually an improvement. Both work fine and the 3 button controls are probably more intuitive. Trying Dark Theme for awhile to see if I like that. Supposedly easier on battery life.

@southpaw: Thanks for the additional information. I switched back from Anywhere to Messages awhile back (was having problems with Anywhere being very erratic about message delivery).

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@southpaw I am also experiencing the issue with the Anywhere app after upgrading to Android 10. I don’t see the texts sent to my on my phone by I do see them on the app on my computer. I have submitted a help ticket. Is there any update or a ticket we can follow for updates?

If you’ve opened a ticket, it will be “attached” to the master ticket. (1750859 - if you need to ask them to attach it). Any time there are updates to the master ticket, all the “attached” tickets will also get updates.

You’ll need to use a different messaging app, though, to be able to view your text messages.

I’ll also try to remember to update you here if I learn anything new about the issue.

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I manually flashed build .020 to my Pixel 3.
So far, everything is good aside from 2 apps that are broke…

I haven’t gotten any RW app update in a while. is what i have…and says up to date.

On my mothers Moto E4 it version also says up to date.

I have Moto G5 Plus. Current Android indicated as 8.1.0. So, am I frozen at 8.1.0? Or will I get version 10, as well?

the OEM (Motorola/Lenovo) is responsible for all OS updates,
Motorola/Lenovo’s Moto G Line (a Mid line phone) usually only see 1 major OS update (in the Moto G5 Plus this was from 7.0 Nougat to 8.1 Oreo)

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