Android 10 Update (QPU 30.52-23-4)

I received a notification that the Android 10 update (QPU 30.52-23-4) was available for my two Moto G7 phones. I clicked to do the update on both phones. One installed completely and is fine. The other phone got to “Background Installation” "Applying Update (Step 2 of 6) and froze at that point. I get a message that says “A security update is installing in the background…”. followed by another message that says"something not right. Reconnecting to server…). From that point the system goes into a loop, first saying “a security update is installing in the background” followed by the error message. I can’t get out of the loop. When I go to "Settings-System-Advanced-System Updates it takes me back to the loop. How can I clear that error message and how can I get the update installed correctly?

Hi @harrye,
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Have you tried to reboot the phone and then check for the update again?

Yup. Did a power off and reboot as well as a “soft Reboot” by holding the power button for 10-15 seconds and allowing the phone to do a reboot. Neither one helped.

Let’s see if this Moto help page about unable to install updates helps:

Tried all of the options. Was unable to wipe cache partition because that didn’t appear as an option in the Recovery section. Wipe Cache Partition should have been the menu item below “Wipe Data/Factory Reset”, but the “Wipe Cache Partition” option isn’t there on my G7. Also tried the Smart Assistant from Levono, but it isn’t compatible with the Moto G7. At wits end.

Don’t despair! There are other Community Member here to offer suggestions. :slight_smile:

However…If I were you, and all else fails I would make sure I have everything backed up and do a factory reset and try the update again.

But for now we can keep that as a last resort.

@harrye, did you look at the Device Help app? I know it can run diagnostics of hardware and such. Please look and see it there is a test that might apply to your situation.

Thanks for the help. One odd thing. When I check “Settings-About Phone” on the phone that didn’t update properly it shows "Android Version-10). When I tap “Android Version” the details that pop up show the “Build Number” as QPU 30.52-23. On my other phone (the one that updated properly) the “Build Number” shows up as QPU 30.52-23-4. That’s rather strange.

Anyway, I’ll keep the “Factory Rest” in my back pocket for now and see how things progress. Again–Thanks for the help.

Are they different colored phones?
(Only a guess) :blush:
I’m no build number expert lol

Nope. They are exact clones of one another. It’s a very strange situation. I’m a nuttly detail person so having something not quite right makes me crazy. I may opt for a factory reset, but that will take some planning so I don’t completely mess up. Anyway–Thanks again.

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I am having the exact same problem as ‘harrye’. One of my phones updated fine, and the other one is stuck in that mode that he describes.

I wonder…
@republic1234, when you look at your phones build number…does it match one of @harrye’s? And if so which one? :thinking:

Hi @harrye I’ll try and be one of those helpful community members :grinning:

I know that @SuperT already pointed you to the Lenovo Moto Smart Assistant (LMSA). Yes, saw that you said that LMSA wasn’t compatible with the G7. Just in case we’re doing something different – here are a couple of links from the Motorola support pages that have more details about LMSA. By all indications LMSA should be compatible.

The seventh link down on this page shows that “If you are having a problem updating the software on your device you can attempt to flash the software using the Lenovo Moto Smart Assistant (LMSA).”

Clicking takes you to this page and Motorola states – When you connect your device via USB, Lenovo Moto Smart Assistant will automatically recognize the device."

Did you try downloading and installing the LMSA software? The PDF User Guide on that page seems to be pretty complete.

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yes…same as @harrye’s stuck one: QPU30.52-23

I would stand by and keep an eye on this thread @republic1234 .

I do believe the support page with the software I and @freddyp pointed to should work on the G7’s.
But, let’s wait to hear back from @harrye :wink:

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@harrye…isn’t the Build number on the phone that succeeded actually QPUS30.52-23-4? Because that’s what it is on my ‘good’ phone. My stalled phone has the Build QPU30.52-23. (no ‘S’)

I have no idea what happened, but I have succeeded in getting the second phone to update to Android Build QPU 30.52-23-4. I did download the Leveno “Rescue and Smart Assistant” (which isn’t compatible with the Moto G7) and tried all sorts of combinations of settings with the phone plugged into the USB ports on my Windows 7 computer. I did a complete backup of the phone anticipating the need to do a factory reset, but after the backup was done I took a look at the phone and the update had completed successfully and the phone is now A-OK. It was an eight hour battle but perseverance won out.


I meant to say "the update had completed successfully and the phone is NOW A-OK.

@republic1234, did you see @harrye’s response?

I don’t know how long you have been waiting for the up date to install, but maybe it needs a little more time…
(I would, while it’s plugged in, reboot, try the update and let it sit for an hour)

I began the update a week ago on both phones. The second phone is my wife’s, but I hadn’t looked at it since I started the update early last week, So, I don’t think time was a factor.

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