Android 11 is now available as an update for my phone (no announcement from RW?)

Not sure what to make of that, but I won’t be upgrading until I see some more details about it and the implications for RW devices in particular.

My Moto G Fast updated to Android 11 a couple of days ago.


Republic Wireless does not control the multi vendor’s code release process, I guess that the publishing of release notes for each phone may have become too labor-intensive and often miss-set our user’s expectations.
It has been some time since these were published, and the subCategory heading remaining is: Release Notes (Republic)


Hi @jasonv.d7p8v6,

We support too many phones now to make an announcement every time one of them has an update.
My Moto G Power (2020) updated to Android 11 last night.

Which phone do you have and what concerns in particular do you have?

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The heading wasn’t changed - we simply removed the manufacturer-specific subcategories, leaving only the Republic subcategory.

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Unless a bunch of stuff suddenly goes wrong, you won’t hear anything around here.

I’ve had zero issues.


I don’t think there are any specific problems running Android 11 with RW. I’ve been running it on my PIxel 4 XL for a several months now and no issues with my RW service.

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My Moto G Power just updated to Android 11 a few days ago as well and Google automatically added an extra verified phone number (that I’ve tested out and if you call it my phone starts ringing…). Anyone else have that happen? I tried removing it and it came back a few hours later. I don’t know who’s paying for that phone line, but I don’t think it’s me, haha.
Otherwise, the update has been super smooth.

Hi @zacharyd.bay6wd,

Yes, it’s happening to many people, and if you’re not careful, Google will also use the number when you send text messages, and your friends will not know who they are from. Please see Google Verified secondary number randomly to learn more.

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