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I just saw a news item saying that Android 11 (not the beta) has started rolling out to Pixel phones. Just wondering what the Republic Wireless status is regarding 11? Checked the “Announcements and News” section but didn’t see anything so I’m guessing that it isn’t officially supported yet? Need to know how to proceed if it pops up for installation on my 4XL. Delay or install?


Hi @fisher99,

My advice until there’s an announcement from Republic is Delay. I’m seeing news reports as well generally ranging from one to two hours old.

I’ll be watching for news related to this too! I haven’t heard (or really looked around) for info on whether RW customers who’ve been running the Android 11 betas have had any problems, but I’m hoping we don’t have to delay for too long.

I received the update today. So far all works fine, I’m able to make and receive VoIP calls fine. I have a Pixel 3XL.

Power button options have changed with Android 11. Screen shot now is taken by pressing power button and down volume button at the same time. This might be different for other manufacturer’s phones. I’ve seen different methods, talked about on Android tech websites. The two button method is the only one that worked with Pixel 3XL.

After checking Pixel Tips and changing my settings to Gestures, I was able to use the new screenshot feature. Pixel Tips is a great way to explore the new features.

As @rolandh mentioned the safest thing to do is wait for RW to Officially Announce it.

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I’ve checked in and as of yet there isn’t a Republic supported Android 11 firmware build. Chances are with an already active SIM, installing the A11 update won’t break things. That said, until there is a supported build, there’s no guarantee of that nor would there be a guarantee that something not broken immediately would stay not broken. It is for these reasons, I urge caution and patience for now.

As I already mentioned I do agree with you. I personally wanted to test it out, I have a backup phone if something goes wrong.

Hi @fisher99,

Thanks for the question! Please feel free to update your Pixel to Android 11. We’re now supporting it on all Pixel models for which there is an official (non-Beta) release.

Sorry for the brief delay! Let us know what you think of Android 11!


Thanks for the quick response @southpaw.

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Update to 11 was smooth. RW seems to be working fine for calls and texts. Haven’t tried many of the new features yet, but I’m liking the new screenshot options.

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