Android 11 upgrade

Does Moto G Power (2021) support Android 11?

I checked at Motorola Support - Find Answers | Motorola Mobility, Inc., and the results were:

moto g power (2021)

The upgrade to Android™ 11 began on December 16, 2021.


Thank you!

Motorola is just now upgrading the 2021 Moto G Power to Android 11 almost 2½ months after Android 12 was released? Not exactly moving fast enough to get windburn, are they?

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One of the reason I moved way from Motorola is there lack of OS upgrades and even when they do issue them they are far behind

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To their credit though, most competitors, at the same price, basically do no updates. If you look at phones from BLU or Nokia, TCL, etc you likely won’t get any major OS updates and if you’re lucky a couple of security only updates.

There’s rumors of another Moto flagship, it’ll be interesting to see if their update process/policy/speed is different on a phone that’s at a higher price point.

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true but those competitors never promise an OS updates when Moto said it lower tier flagships would get them then drop those updates

That’s one of the things I like about Pixel phones. You’re first in line for updates.