Android 12 and RW App

I see the 1.8gb download for Android 12 is waiting on my Pixel 4a/5g.
Has anyone done this already and made phone calls (and sent/received texts)?
I don’t want to be the first!

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I was on the beta for a month or so before downloading the release yesterday. Saw no problems before or after.


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Android 12 is available for Pixel 3 and up. Can I upgrade to Android 12 on my pixel 3 without a problem with Republic Wireless?

Hi @danielk.uj628s, I’ve moved your post to another topic on the same matter so we can focus the conversation in one place.

I went ahead and installed Android 12 this a.m. (took about 30 minutes on my 4a/5g).
Voice, SMS, and MMS seem to work.
So far so good 30 minutes in.
I checked for app updates before running the update, and there were none, after Android 12 there were 7.
“Files by Google”, “Settings Services”, “Pixel Live Wallpaper”, “Sounds”, “Speech Services By Google”, “Android System Intelligence”, and “Google Play Services for AR”.
Good luck everyone!


Installed 12 on my Pixel 3a. Everything went smoothly. No problems so far.

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I installed on my Pixel 4 XL, it went fine. I’ve been having an issue with Visual Voicemail no longer working that pre-dated the upgrade; I can report that upgrading to Android 12 did not magically fix it.


Hi @Sasquatchua,

Thanks for chiming in!

Would try this for the Visual Voicemail thing: Reboot the phone and immediately open the Phone app.
I think Visual Voicemail will be present, and it will stay there as long as the Phone app remains open, even in the background, but I’d love to have that confirmed on a Pixel on Android 12!

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My Pixel 4 XL updated to Android 12 yesterday. Visual voicemail is indeed present if I immediately open the Phone app after a restart on Android 12. I would very much appreciate it if @Sasquatchua (great user name) would be able to confirm my experience.

Not on my Pixel 3a. Visual Voicemail claims to be activating, but it never completes the task. A little later when I check Voicemail Settings, the activation button has turned red.

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Let’s focus on the Visual Voicemali issue in its own topic, since the problem isn’t unique to Android 12, and keep this topic focused on Android 12 on Pixels.

I have a pixel 3 that wasn’t on Republic wireless running Android 11 but said it was compatible when running the RW app. Then I updated the phone to Android 12 and put a RW sim card in it, the RW app says Android update required and won’t do anything without an update but of course there is no Android update. I went ahead with the update since people were saying things were working OK. Any fix available?

Hi @danielk.uj628s,

Could you send me (by personal message) a screenshot showing the “update required” message?
If there is a circled “i” on the screen, tap that and send a screenshot of the information it provides, as well.
If there is no circled “i” on the screen, please send me your phone’s IMEI.

To send a personal message, click my username, then click “message”.

We’ll be able to get this fixed, but it may not be able to be fixed over the weekend.

For others who may have seen this topic and who have a Pixel 3, we’ve been able to correct the issue that was blocking @danielk.uj628s’ Pixel 3 on Android 12 from activation.

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I’m not sure if it’s related to the update, but since updating to Android 12 I’ve had an issue sending SMS.

In the Anywhere app, when I send a text, it’ll show as “Sending…” for a minute or two, before displaying “Not sent. Tap to try again.” Then I tap the message and it does the same thing again.

However it does seem these messages are going through because I’ve heard from one person that they got 4 duplicate texts from me. (still showing on my end as not sent). Issue occurs whether on Wifi or over cell network.

In the Anywhere application for PC, these outgoing SMS are showing as sent normally, and I can see the duplicates as well.

The Anywhere App hasn’t been maintained in years and its no surprise that A12 would give it issues. I would switch to Google Messages which is the currently developed and supported App.

Anywhere can still be used on a PC. I use it often, but have never installed it on my phone.

This worked for me. I have a Pixel 3a running Android 12. Thank you.

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I remain Anywhere holdout. For what it’s worth, I’m able to send and receive both SMS and MMS using Anywhere after installing Android 12.

Does Messages by Google work for you? Have you tried uninstalling then reinstalling the Anywhere app?

updated to 12 last night on pixel 3a, unable to make calls…message that I need to restart the phone to activate, I do so, then get the same message again…installing another security update as I type.

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