Android 12 and RW App

Hi @johnt.uo35gt, did it get straightened out?

yep!got it with an update to the republic app .

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Doing the quick opening of the voicemail app did work for me. I still have the “Activating visual voicemail” message but I do see my older (and recent) voicemails displayed.


just wanted to share that today (11/30) on my Pixel 5 upgraded to Android 12 I was having the issue of seeing the “activating visual voicemail” message, but this fix worked for me (open app immediately upon restart)

as others have mentioned I still see the “activating visual voicemail” message but my old messages appear below.


I have a pixel 3 that wasn’t on Republic wireless running Android 11 but said it was compatible when running the RW app.

I updated the phone to Android 12 and put a RW sim card in it, the RW app says Android update required and won’t do anything without an update but of course there is no Android update. . .

Where and when did you get this SIM card? What does it look like? Was it attached to red card?

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Be aware that the rw app is only usable with the legacy my choice 4.0 plans. The new 5.0 plans don’t apply. Any/all new activations after Dec 15 are on the new 5.0 plan